A Review of Our Favourite Apple Products

We have received an overwhelming amount of reviews from everybody, so below we will publish some of the ones that we think are the most helpful.

The Latest MacBook Pro

The MacBook’s performance now has a much-needed boost. There are still some critical flaws that remain, but the 2016 MacBook is less of a risk than it was last year. If only it was a bit cheaper.

It is a fantastically light weight design and with a rose gold choice. Rich with a vibrant display, a faster performance than predecessor and an amazing battery life.

Despite this, there still is only one USB port, making it harder for those who need to use numerous ports throughout the day. This can then come into some issues with the processor as it seems to slow it down.

I have had quite a bit of help from Sussex Backup due to this and, in my opinion they have been very helpful and I cannot fault them. Find out more.

You also cannot power two external displays and the webcam hasn’t seen much improvement.

iPhone 7

iPhone’s are one of the world’s first choice when it comes to any smartphone. It is much faster and greater than any other iPhone that has been released and the processors are amazing, much improvement.

The phone says it is water resistant, and it is, but only to a certain extent. It can’t face rain which is slightly annoying but still. See more specifications here.

Also the design of my phone means it has a tendency to scratch which means I’ve had to put a case over the top to prevent this. The case I bought from Wrappz does this extremely well. Buy yours too.

The Apple iPod Touch

The Apple iPod Touch will the dream choice of MP3 player for anyone aspiring to own one. Browse Apple’s selection now.

The iPod Touch is one of those magic gadgets that has it all, by doing best in playing MP3 and video and to a certain degree, it can do more than just play music and video, by being one of the best browsers around, and it is capable of taking in some incredible amount of new features by installation of Apps.

Just about three years after Apple had managed to stretch the definition of what a portable MP3 player is capable of to new heights with the master of the art iPod Touch, the other manufactures have just started to catch up with the latest revolution of Android powered mini tablets.

In spite of having added competition, the latest version of the iPod Touch does justice to its award winning heritage and has secured the top spot of the MP3 player pyramid, yet again.

With the latest iPod Touch Generation, Apple has managed to close the gap between what its portable media player and iPhone are capable of. We think an apt way to describe this latest edition as an iPhone without the “Phone” capability.



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