Apple iPod Nano Sixth Generation Review



  • Roughly about half the size of the earlier model.
  • Uses a unique multi touch screen navigation
  • There is a provision for a clip so making it convenient for people on the move.
  • Superior battery life and volume when compared to its earlier versions.
  • The new user interface resembles the OS used in the iPod Touch and iPhone.
  • Compatible with earlier dock accessories.
  • The interface is swift and responsive.


  • Does not feel like sixth generation of the iPod. Gives you a feeling it is a whole new product.
  • No Video capabilities or Games either.
  • No Speakers.
  • Just one multi-touch gesture.
  • No click wheel and it takes time to get used to the swiping.
  • Expensive.
  • Earphones with mic and playback controls should have been included.


The iPod Nano is a device that has rivalled the iPod classic in terms of the change it brought bout in the gizmo industry both in terms of legacy and popularity. Its popularity is justified considering its improvements every generation. Ever since it debuted in 2005, it has received high recommendation in its entire previous version from us. The first version was prone to scratches, and apple used aluminium for the second version. The third version had video capabilities and gaming.

There were improvements in the body for the fourth generation and everything else we wanted was in the fifth version. However, this year Apple decided to try for something new and came out with the sixth generation Nano, placing a new device that is a hybrid of the iPod Nano and iPod touch with the size of a iPod shuffle minus all the features we have been used to expect from the Nano. Despite these radical changes and the cost factor, we would not be writing off the Nano. It has a fantastic battery life, a convenient small size, an OS like the one on iPhone rather than the one on the iPod and “multi-touch”. A super-shuffle or sub-Ipod Nano model, the sixth generation could be a hit in the lower end price segment. That is where the problem lies. We are not coming to terms with the fact that it has come as a successor to device that did twice more the stuff for the same price. Has apple taken it is first ever mis-step? Read on to find out if the Nano’s worth it.

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