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Apple iPod touch 32GB second generation

Apple iPods are always launched with a lot of expectations and buzz created already, and most of the times it has always satisfied its consumers and give them a kind of “wow” factor. These quality productions of Apple have been hardly challenged by any other MP3 players. The second generation Apple iPod Touch 32gb has [...]

Apple iPod Touch 8GB Second Generation

In 2007, Apple released three models, the third generation iPod Nano, iPod classic and iPod touch. And now in 2008, all these models have been given major makeover by Apple in all minor and major areas criticised with increase in the capacities too. The 1st Gen iPod touch was equipped with some amazing potential features [...]

Apple iPod touch 32GB 1st Generation

Apple iPod touch 32GB (1st Generation) If you are a technology lover, then Apple iPod touch 32GB 1st generation might be just the right one that you are searching for. With the commendable commitment of designers and engineers, the new Apple iPod touch feels as rich as it looks to be. The all-metal-and-glass design is [...]