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Apple iPod touch 32GB 1st Generation

Apple iPod touch 32GB (1st Generation)

If you are a technology lover, then Apple iPod touch 32GB 1st generation might be just the right one that you are searching for. With the commendable commitment of designers and engineers, the new Apple iPod touch feels as rich as it looks to be. The all-metal-and-glass design is gorgeous. The scratch resistant card used makes the user feel secure about his ipod. The downward facing headphone jack and volume controls are the two design aspects that distinguishes ipod touch from iphone. No other digital media can match apple ipods interface. The audio format is same as that of the previous models. The apple ipod touch 32GB 1G inherits most of its features from iphone. One of the major drawbacks that users would be unhappy with is that ipod touch is the only ipod that does not support the generic USB storage mode. The usage of high technologies such as multi touch, wireless internet access and accelerometer makes our cash worth it.

Main Features:

Home Screen:

The home screen gives an instant access to any of the features, applications, or web clip. You can customize your home screen with any applications and web clips that you choose.


With the cover flow feature in this first generation 32gb apple ipod touch, you can just flick through your music to find the album and when you do so, just a tap on the cover will flip it over to display you the track list and with another tap, your music goes on. If you want to have an idea of the lyrics, then you can even view the lyrics as you are listening to the track.


The 3.5 inch wide screen display is a visual treat that you must have not experienced in any other portable device. Enjoy any kind of video using the multi-touch touch screen technology. Just a turn is enough to switch between the wide screen and full screen. Using the optional Apple AV cable, universal dock or any other suitable video accessories, you can output video and photos to a television. This feature is absent in iphone.

App Store:

Apart from the itunes Wi-Fi, which is a media world on its own, the app store piles up hundreds of ipod touch applications on all categories such as games, photography, reference, travel etc, you can also expect a lot among to be free too. This store is a part of the iphone2.0 software update for ipod touch.


Ipod touch is the only ipod in the world of digital media with wireless access to web. Since the safari browser is built-in, we can see the website as they are. The touch screen keyboard is used to access the web. By tapping the multi-touch touch screen, you can zoom in and out. You can also create a web clip on your home screen from any of the web sites.


Ipod touch can take the pride that it is the first ever ipod with email. It lets you view rich HTML mails with graphics, photos, PDF, MS office applications and iwork attachments.


With the help of some Wi-Fi network, ipod touch finds your approximate location and can give directions from there. Using a hybrid map and satellite view, you can witness some major street names on top of their satellite images.

You Tube:

With a special built-in you tube player, you can watch featured videos and even book mark them. Hence you have got all the fun of you tube pocket sized.

Ambient light sensor:
The ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness to suite your ambient light in your surroundings. And as a result of this feature, you can save your battery life efficiently.


The photo viewer in this iPod touch 32gb first generation comes with a higher quality and with the eye pulling facilities as available in the other Apple ipods. It has a specialised built-in calendar which aids in keeping your schedules at your finger tips. You can carry your entire address book with you in your ipod touch. It stores information such as names, email address and phone numbers. All your contacts sync when you connect it to your system.

With just a tap, you can get information on stocks and weather. The ipod touch has a simple calculator , which you can update as a scientific calculator using the iphone 2.0 software update.

The new apple ipod touch 32GB makes you feel good but its price may not please you much.

Apple iPod touch 32GB(1st generation) - Technical Specification Details

iPod Type iPod Touch
Model Name Apple iPod touch 32GB (first generation)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 110 x 61.8 x 8 mm
Display 3.5 inch (diagonal) wide screen multi-touch display
Resolution 480 x 320 pixel
Interface USB 2.0
Audio formats supported ACC, MP3, MP3 VBR, audible (formats 2, 3 and 4) , WAV, AIFF, Apple lossless
Battery Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
Battery life 5 hrs video play back
22 hrs audio play back
Charge time Fast charge time- 1.5hrs ( charges 80% of battery capacity)
Full charge time - 3hrs
Memory capacity 32GB
Photo formats supported JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PSD (Mac only), PNG
Ports Stereo minijack (3.5 mm) / dock connector
Video formats supported MPEG-4 (mp4), h.264
Ear phones Yes (binaural stereo)
Photo viewer Yes
USB cable included Yes
Wireless internet access Yes
Special features Wi-Fi web access, multi-touch display, maps, app store, and ambient light sensor.
Mounting options Arm band
Colour Black
Included accessories Docking station adapter
Service & support 12 months parts
12 months labour
Weight 4.2 oz
Box content Apple ipod touch 32GB
Ear phones
USB2.0 cable
Dock adapter
Polishing cloth
Quick starter guide

Apple iPod Shuffle 2gb

Apple simply dominates the market of ipods with their admirable techno developments each year. This third generation Apple iPod shuffle 2GB sets a couple of ipod records by being the tiniest in the ipod world as well as being the cheapest ever. Compared to the other ipods available in the markets, ipod shuffle is only slightly bigger than the nano’s display screen.

Its beauty not only lies with its smart durable aluminium exterior but also its simplicity.
Yet the lowest price is given at the cost of loosing any real display. The small tri-colour LED only indicates the basic functionalities to the user.

The new ipod shuffle 2GB 3G allows you to wear around 500 songs on your belt or your sleeves or your lapel. It comes in four vibrant colours (red, green, blue, purple) and in the original silver.


This apple ipod shuffle 2 GB comes with a circular control pad. The center button is made use of to play and pause. The outer buttons are used to move back, skip forward and adjust the volume. But the disadvantage is that, it lacks the scrolling facility.


It comes with a built-in clip so that you can clip the ipod shuffle on your sleeve, lapel or pocket.

Shuffle switch:

The shuffle switch is sure to steal your hearts. This switch is flipped to mix up shuffles contents.

Head phone jack:
The head phone jack also acts as a dock connector.


Ipod shuffle’s small size makes it incompatible with the docking mechanism as the other ipods. Hence, they use a unique USB dock that plugs into the head phone jack.
Charging is done by flipping the ipod shuffle upside down and dropping it into the dock. Then connect the dock to Mac or PC for quick sync and charge. In case you are away from your computer, then use the optional Apple USB power adapter as mentioned above.

Ear buds:
Though they do not make much difference in the sound quality, they are a little more comfortable than the former versions.

Battery Life:

The charge lasts up to 12 hrs. In the charge indicator, green indicates go, amber indicates low and red indicates that you have almost hit zero.

Hence ipod shuffle 2 GB third generation is a small and sweet product of apple.

Apple iPod Shuffle 2gb (3rd Generation) - Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Apple
Model Name Apple ipod shuffle 2GB
iPod Type iPod Shuffle
Generation Third
Dimensions (HxWxD) 27.3 x 41.2 x 0.41 mm
Colours available Blue, Green, Silver, Red and Violet
Interface USB dock
Audio formats supported ACC, protected ACC, MP3, MP3 VBR, audible(formats 2, 3 and 4),
Battery Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Battery life 12 hrs
Charge time Full charge time - 4hrs
Memory capacity 2GB
Ports Stereo minijack
Play back modes Skip-free playback
AC adapter included No
Ear phones Yes (binaural stereo 3.5mm)
Photo viewer No
Wireless internet access No
Radio No
USB cable No
Voice recording No
Included accessories Docking station adapter
Service & support 1 year
Phone consulting - 90 days
Weight 15.6 grams
Box content Apple ipod shuffle 2GB
Ear phones
USB Dock
Quick starter guide

Apple iPod Nano 8GB 3G

No one can deny that Apple Inc., has an uncanny ability to keep innovating great products. Its third generation ipod nano 8GB has peeped into the markets with a dramatic change in its design. It is shorter and wider than its former version of ipod nano 8GB second generation (52 H * 70 W* 6.5 D) just to accommodate the bigger display screen. The nano is more curvaceous and its brushed-finish aluminum makes way to a shiny chrome back plate.

This 3G Apple iPod Nano has finally caught up with the video capability to their premium flash memory. Apple claims that this new 2 inch LCD screen is 65% brighter than their previous generation ones. Its playback footage of 30fps (frames per second) overcomes the disadvantage of small screen and avails smooth judder-free viewing.

The coolest thing about this ipod nano is its GUI. The audio quality can be said as good but not great. One of the most attractive changes compared to its previous model is the split screen main menu on the right half and a picture related to the selection on the left.

This light 3rd generation product Apple is just 0.26 inches thin and 1.41 ounces light. Apple ipod nano embeds into its diminutive design. This provides a brighter colour display. It has a richer look on its Steel anodized aluminium body material. It comes in eye catching six colours which includes silver, black, pink, red, green and blue. Ipod nano 8 GB 3G is designed to be user friendly, which is one of the major goals of apple Inc.

The menu option allows you to navigate through by song, album, artist, composer, genre or play list. The shuffle songs option allows you to mix up your tracks.

The screen display makes the music look as good as it sounds. You can see music as you play it. Wondering how?. The album art appears along side your song titles.

The i-tunes stores features a large variety of free pod casts. The pod casts can be integrated in to your ipod once they are browsed and subscribed. The ipod casts appear in their own menu in nano which makes navigation easier. The digital stores have in stock a large number of audio books. Exclusive series are also available such as that of the harry potter series. Ipod nano also helps you in recognising where you left reading and book marks it. The audio books can be browsed separately in their specific menu. Another interesting option available is that the reading speed can be changed to suit you.

The ipod nano 8GB can hold up to 25000 photos that you can sync from Mac or Windows pc via i-tunes. To scroll through your photo thumbnails, make use of the click wheel. The center button is clicked to view the picture full screen. The photos can also be viewed as slide shows as we listen to some melody. By selecting the slide show settings, we can choose the interval between the slides, the transition effect and the music.

In the extras menu, they have calendars, contact, world clocks and a few more handy items.The ipod nano can be kept off from prying eyes by using the four digit combination for the screen lock. A dock connector goes hand in hand with the ecosystem of the ipod accessories.

The ipod nano features four fun games:

  • music quiz
  • Solitaire
  • Brick
  • Parachute

Apple iPod Nano 8gb third generation comes with 12 months warranty for parts.

Technical Specification Details of Apple iPod Nano 8GB 3G

Manufacturer Apple
Model Name Apple ipod nano 8GB
iPod Type iPod Nano
Generation Third
Dimensions (HxWxD) 7 x 5.2 x 0.7 cm
Display 2 inch diagonal colour LCD with LED back light
Resolution 320 x 240 pixel
Interface USB 2.0
Audio formats supported ACC, MP3, MP3 VBR, audiable , WAV, AIFF, Apple lossless
Battery Player rechargeable lithium ion battery
Battery life 5hrs video play back
24hrs digital play back
Charge time Full charge time - 3hrs
Memory capacity 8GB
Photo formats supported JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PSD (Mac only), PNG
Video formats supported MPEG-4 (mp4), h.264, MOV
Play back modes All tracks repeat, one track repeat, play list, random play/ shuffle
AC adapter included No
Ear phones Yes (binaural stereo 3.5mm)
Photo viewer Yes
Radio No
USB cable included Yes
Voice recording No
Wireless internet access No
Special features Metal casing, built-in clock, file browser, 21 languages, stop watch, calendar, photo viewer,
cover flow, address book, video playback, game function, ID3 tags support,
variable bit-rate compatible.
Body material Steel anodized aluminium
Colours Available Silver, Pink, Blue, Green, Red and Black
Included accessories Docking station adapter
Service & support 12 months parts
12 months labour
Phone consulting - 90 days
Weight 49 grams
Box content Apple ipod nano 8GB
Ear phones
USB2.0 cable
Dock adapter
Quick starter guide