Apple simply dominates the market of ipods with their admirable techno developments each year. This third generation Apple iPod shuffle 2GB sets a couple of ipod records by being the tiniest in the ipod world as well as being the cheapest ever. Compared to the other ipods available in the markets, ipod shuffle is only slightly bigger than the nano’s display screen.

Its beauty not only lies with its smart durable aluminium exterior but also its simplicity.
Yet the lowest price is given at the cost of loosing any real display. The small tri-colour LED only indicates the basic functionalities to the user.

The new ipod shuffle 2GB 3G allows you to wear around 500 songs on your belt or your sleeves or your lapel. It comes in four vibrant colours (red, green, blue, purple) and in the original silver.


This apple ipod shuffle 2 GB comes with a circular control pad. The center button is made use of to play and pause. The outer buttons are used to move back, skip forward and adjust the volume. But the disadvantage is that, it lacks the scrolling facility.


It comes with a built-in clip so that you can clip the ipod shuffle on your sleeve, lapel or pocket.

Shuffle switch:

The shuffle switch is sure to steal your hearts. This switch is flipped to mix up shuffles contents.

Head phone jack:
The head phone jack also acts as a dock connector.


Ipod shuffle’s small size makes it incompatible with the docking mechanism as the other ipods. Hence, they use a unique USB dock that plugs into the head phone jack.
Charging is done by flipping the ipod shuffle upside down and dropping it into the dock. Then connect the dock to Mac or PC for quick sync and charge. In case you are away from your computer, then use the optional Apple USB power adapter as mentioned above.

Ear buds:
Though they do not make much difference in the sound quality, they are a little more comfortable than the former versions.

Battery Life:

The charge lasts up to 12 hrs. In the charge indicator, green indicates go, amber indicates low and red indicates that you have almost hit zero.

Hence ipod shuffle 2 GB third generation is a small and sweet product of apple.

Apple iPod Shuffle 2gb (3rd Generation) - Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Apple
Model Name Apple ipod shuffle 2GB
iPod Type iPod Shuffle
Generation Third
Dimensions (HxWxD) 27.3 x 41.2 x 0.41 mm
Colours available Blue, Green, Silver, Red and Violet
Interface USB dock
Audio formats supported ACC, protected ACC, MP3, MP3 VBR, audible(formats 2, 3 and 4),
Battery Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Battery life 12 hrs
Charge time Full charge time - 4hrs
Memory capacity 2GB
Ports Stereo minijack
Play back modes Skip-free playback
AC adapter included No
Ear phones Yes (binaural stereo 3.5mm)
Photo viewer No
Wireless internet access No
Radio No
USB cable No
Voice recording No
Included accessories Docking station adapter
Service & support 1 year
Phone consulting - 90 days
Weight 15.6 grams
Box content Apple ipod shuffle 2GB
Ear phones
USB Dock
Quick starter guide